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Great resource!

I’m so excited to have discovered Meg’s podcast! She’s an empowering mix of empathy and kick in the pants action. Plus she addresses so many issues that I need to hear . Thank you! Susie Pettit

This podcast is helpful!

Helpful ideas. Meg continues to grow and share in a very honest and supportive way. She's real, approachable, smart, funny and vulnerable. And consistent - I really enjoy the weekly encouragement. Thank you.


Really great and helpful podcast. Very authentic and transparent

For all Women

I’m a mom of teens and a teacher and I’ve been suffering from burnout. I recently discovered this podcast and I love it so much! Meg is honest, relatable and affirming. Her words have really helped me start to shift my mindset and approach my life differently. Thanks Meg!

Feel better TODAY!

After one episode I felt better. I wish I had had this information sooner! This information is for EVERYONE to combat feelings of burnout, hopelessness and loss of control. Thank you Meg!

Refreshing and Real

Meg’s podcast is so refreshing because she is REAL about her struggles, but offers some very simple steps to work through stress and burnout. It’s not simply another podcast forcing mindfulness! Yet the more you listen the more you believe that mindfulness isn’t as hard as you think. As an ER Physician Assistant I found this so helpful. It’s my new morning commute podcast. Thanks Meg😎

the medicine we ALL need

Meg Leddy is amazing. This podcast has given me validation, freedom and SO many wonderful tips to fill my cup back up. Highly recommend to anyone who is feeling the burn(out)!!! Thanks for this wonderful podcast, Meg!

Exactly what I needed

Thank you. I am only one episode in and already feeling so heard and refreshed. I will look forward to this on my daily commute.

So practical

Meg has been there in the burnout stages and has practical tips to help you pull yourself back on track. I learn something new every time that I listen!!

Burnout No More!

As a PA who has walked through burnout and is still fighting to establish a life of joy and peace and balance - YES - this show is just what I need to hear. I love how relatable the stories are and how tangible the tips are. Great job, Meg!