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How the 3 P's can help us through challenging times

Oct. 2, 2022

I had not heard of the three P's until this week. I think these are applicable in every aspect of life, but especially for those working in medicine. Take a listen to see how understanding the 3P's can help us all during c…

How entrepreneurship may be a way out of burnout

Sept. 25, 2022

Asmita is a professional coach who helps women entrepreneurs co-create businesses that are centered around their lives and not the other way around. We discuss how she created a business where she has clients that she loves…

Is blending in holding you back?

Sept. 18, 2022

For years, I just wanted to blend in. It wasn't until a book asked me what brought me joy, that I looked at my life, and had NO IDEA. I had been a chameleon for so long, I didn't know who I was. I am starting slowly with …

Interview with Dr. Tom Warren

Sept. 11, 2022

Dr. Tom Warren is a general surgeon who moved into vascular surgery and then made a big change by transitioning into psychiatry. He is one of the founders of Warren Wellness MD, a MD and PA-run organization providing fun, f…

Walking through my sh!t

Sept. 4, 2022

This one is hard for me to push publish on. It is gritty and real and vulnerable. This is me and there are some awesome take aways from me walking through my sh!t.

New York Times Best Selling Author Patricia Chrisafulli

Aug. 28, 2022

How is it possible that doing MORE could help burnout?! At a point in her life where she was incredibly busy (and burned out), Patricia listened to the place in side of her that had always wanted to write fiction. Listen t…

A simple thing that really helps

Aug. 21, 2022

This simple change in mindset really helped me. It was so simple, but unless someone teaches you to redefine this, we just stay on the path of the cultural norm.

Bonus Episode - Interview with Warren Wellness PA Rebekah Mills

Aug. 17, 2022

I had the pleasure of connecting with Rebekah through the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants when we reached out to Warren Wellness MD to help run a Wellness Workshop for PAs in North Carolina. She had struggled…

Her lowest point led her to her best life - An interview with Tammie Chang, MD

Aug. 14, 2022

Once again, I am astounded at how the culture of medicine can drive us to the brink. Tammie gets real on this podcast about her struggles and how she came back to medicine with a different approach and is now helping others…

Back to the Moment

Aug. 7, 2022

I have practiced this tip for years, but recently I have needed it more than ever. How is it possible for me to have better energy and feel happier, when my circumstances may be considered worst than they were a few weeks a…

Is it me or my environment?

June 26, 2022

In this episode, I go into two insights that I learned this week. One is personal and the other is about six areas of the environment we work in that our organizations can focus on to help us. There is also a little bonus …

The Rock Story

June 19, 2022

Yup, it's a story about a rock. It's also a metaphor for how I saw myself and how I see myself much differently now. Stories bring us together and I hope this one really resonates with you. ❤️

Interview with Author Laura Galloway

June 12, 2022

Laura Galloway had it all in New York City. A fabulous job, husband, and apartment until everything started to unravel into burnout. By a series of pokes from the universe, she found herself in a small reindeer herding vil…

Taking control of your finances to help with Burnout

June 5, 2022

In this episode, I interview Kat who started PA the FI (financial independence) Way. We have a great conversation surrounding finances and how good choices can help you have WAY more freedom surrounding work and helping wit…


May 29, 2022

Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling where you are completely free from all of the weight we carry? Come explore being untamed in this episode and how it can help with burnout.

Three Areas of Support that are Important to your Wellbeing

May 22, 2022

What does having support mean to you? Do you feel like you are well supported? I never did until I really started focusing energy on what was already all around me. Listen until the end about emotional support. It is stu…

Let's dive deep into resentment

May 15, 2022

Resentment. Yep. This was how I felt ALL the time when I was burned out. I resented everyone. Husband, kids, co-workers, friends, and even strangers. They all were doing or had what I wanted. Let's dive into this and fe…

Parenting is HARD

May 8, 2022

I will hav you laughing out loud in this episode about losing my temper on my kids. I have come a LONG way from my early years of parenting, but I still have my moments and one of them happened this week. In this episode I…

The Difference between Stress and Overwhelm

May 1, 2022

In this episode, I discuss what is a critical learning point from Brené Brown's HBO Max Series Atlas of the Heart and the impact it has in healthcare. This is not only critical for self-preservation, but for safe patient ca…

Interview with Rebel Queen Sophia LePage

April 24, 2022

How does ignoring your feminine energy contribute to burnout and cause physical symptoms?! Take a listen to Sophia who is a Feminine Embodiment and Leadership Coach who has learned to listen to her feminine energy to guide …

Healing Trauma

April 17, 2022

In this episode, I briefly dive onto trauma and how listening and believing someone's story and experience is a first step toward healing. A great book that I am reading about this and a link to resources below: Happy Days …

Interview with Rosie Acosta

April 10, 2022

Rosie Acosta is a world-renowned yoga and meditation teacher who has taught olympic athletes, NFL Champions, NBA stars, and veterans of war. We sit down to discuss her new book You are Radically Loved: A Healing Journey to …

The Anxiety Sisters

April 3, 2022

THESE ARE MY PEOPLE! Tune in to meet and listen to these two, brave and genuine women who have found a way to live fulfilling and meaningful lives WITH their anxiety. They have taken their experience of feeling like they w…

Changing Your Narrative

March 27, 2022

THIS WAS A WEEK....In this episode, I discuss how my narrative of this week colors how I see my life and my experience. It's a good one.